Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coffee shakedown

Latte art or coffee art refers to designs created on the tops of espresso based drinks by a barista. These designs are usually created in one of two ways and sometimes using a combination of both. The first method is by manipulating the flow of milk from a jug into the espresso (known as free pour latte art). The second is by drawing designs with an implement (known as etching), using stencils, powders and milk foam. Latte art is most commonly seen on a latte, although it can also be part of the presentation of a cappuccino, a cafe mocha or even an espresso macchiato. As the popularity of premium espresso-based drinks has risen, the craft of garnishing through latte art has as well. As has the costs of said drinks. Honestly there is no coffee in the world that is worth paying $5.00 plus a cup for, hell anything over a $2.00 is too much. Honestly why pay more for something that is only going to last the walk from the counter to your seat.

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