Monday, May 26, 2008

Is the force still with him?

Thank you to all Vets past, present, and future!

Looks like tough times are hitting just about everyone these days. You know it has to be bad when you see a Sith Lord begging on the streets. Then again you have to wonder why Darth just isn't mugging people with his life saber or using the force to crush people's windpipes when they won't hand over their wallets. Use the force Vader, wave your hand in front of someone's face and say, "You will hand me your wallet, and that watch."

A smart man you are not. Lazy you are. Shame.

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highlander1463 said...

It is a sad day when sommething like this happens. And Palpatine living high off the hog because of tax breaks for the rich. Very sad indeed.