Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

I am up at arms with those people who are Santa is a bad role model. That Santa needs a make over, saying he is too fat and has a foul mouth. (The ho, ho, ho thing) Get a grip people! Santa is fat, he always was, he should always be this way. I love me some fat Santa. And think about it he needs the extra insulation if he is going to live up there in the frigid temperatures of the North Pole, duh! Ho ho ho is a laugh, the whole "ho meaning whore thing is a new thing in the grand scheme of things).

Santa does not play a part of childhood obesity, nor does it promote it. Poor parenting and letting your kids eat garbage and not kicking their butts outside to play does. When I was young on a nice day I was not allowed to stay inside and play video games or watch television. My mom kicked us outside to play. Going to McDonald's was a treat not a several times a week occurrence. Getting a pizza was a big thing in the house I grew up in.

Please do not attack a man who has only one job. To bring happiness into the lives of children everywhere.

Now while the moms out there wouldn't mind seeing a Santa like this, we surely don't want to see this one at the mall with our little ones on his lap. It is more of a him under the tree with us on his lap kind of thing. ;)

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RaisinCookies said...

Santa contributes to childhood obesity? What rubbish!

I'm loving that jet plane, by the way. :)