Thursday, December 20, 2007

To read or not to read...

I have a deep love of reading, it is one of my most favorite things to do. When I was in the fifth grade my teacher told my mom that I read too much. Yes you heard that correctly, I read too much. I should be out playing while at recess, not sitting on the swing with my nose in a book. Yeah like I’d rather stand there while they boys whipped dodge balls at my head. I don’t think so. Now where did I put that book mark?

My parents of course thought that she was bat shit crazy, and they were happy that their 10 year old was reading on her own for pleasure. I’d like to know how many children do that now a days. Most children would rather be plopped down in front of the television, or plugged into some video game. It saddens me when I hear that children can not demonstrate basic reading skills for their grade level. I feel as if a part of me dies. Reading scores are down for high school seniors, and reading proficiency rates among adults are stagnant or falling. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. I mean do we really want the future leaders of our country to be like this man?

My love for reading is something I am instilling in my own children. I love it when I see my oldest daughter reading to her younger sister, or sitting in her favorite chair with a book in her hands. It is a big treat for her when I take her to the book store and let her pick out some new books. So imagine my total and utter disbelief when I seen this sign:

And they wonder why the reading and comprehension rates in this country are falling. I mean this is a book store you’d think one employee or customer would of noticed this error. Maybe, hopefully someone did and it just laziness keeping the correction from being made. My friends a little white out, or sticker could fix that right up. Screw the legal ramifications about customers climbing ladders in the store I’d gladly volunteer to fix it for you.

Keep reading and remember reading less of course, translates into reading less well.


Deniselle said...

The Bush photo is funny, but it's a fake. You can see the evidence here:

I'm not a fan of George W. Bush, but he was actually holding the book the right way round. That time, at least.

Neen said...

I know but I cannot stand the man ;P and I do stand by my belief that I do not want our future leaders to be like him.