Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba

Anyone else hate this show? My youngest loves it, adores it has to watch it daily, (hooray for the weekends when it is not aired).

I think it is down right creepy. I see this show and want to scream WTF IS THAT? Just look at the characters now if they don't scream sex to you I don't know what will. One looks like a dildo, another a butt plug, one is a pussy cat and the other a patch of hair. (I’ll call him Muffy with the French tickler on his head). The robot with a hole in it. Oh and we cannot forget DJ Lance who "always wears a hat" (nudge nudge, wink wink). What wonderful choices of characters for a show aimed at the pre-school set. I can just see the creators sitting around a television stoned out of their minds in a circle jerk, while lesbian porn is playing on a 42 inch screen. Thinking boy wouldn’t a giant talking and singing dildo make a great character for a kid’s show. I bet Junior would love that.

Yo Gabba Gabba kind of reminds me of a mix between The Banana Splits and those downright freaky Sid and Marty Krofft shows, H.R. Pufnstuff, (what the hell were they puffin' when they thought of this show?), Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monster, Land of the Lost.

All I need now if for her to start singing some of the annoying songs that they sing on this show. For example the Snack song, "Snacky snacky snacky snack, snack" Just those words over and over again. Its enough to cause any sane parent to drive an ice pick into their brain.


Porsha said...

I have all the shows DVR'd the little one loves them. I do admit we both get up and bust out some sweet moves. I am now going to laugh everytime I see the dancing dildo.. lol

jennifer said...

My children love this show. Lucky for me my children don't like to watch tv that much.

I saw a kid's show a few weeks ago. A character was named "vulva". I had to rewind the dvr to make sure I heard it correctly!

*shakes head*