Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fashion faux pax

Well shucks y'all. Here I done n' made some fashion fo pa. Ias done n' gone made a fool of myself by wearin' just some jeans n' a long sleeve cotton shirt to the local Wally World. Ias shoulds of been in my Sunday best to go there. I must let that Mz Debra know that Ias in da wrong there, and to thank her for setting me straight. Ooo I a hear dat they be buildin' a Super Wal Mart near me soon. I guess Ias be needing to go and get me some formal wear, I mean really fancy duds for that place.

Ok seriously now dressed up for Wal Mart? Wal Mart? (bangs head on desk).


AtomiK Kitten said...

You didn't know that fuzzy slippers and house coats are now fashionable for shopping? Where have you been?

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious... but in all honesty... there probably is more than just Ms. Debra that gets all dressed up and maybe even puts their teeth in to go to Wal-Mart! lol
Hugs, Jenn