Monday, January 14, 2008

Laziness taken to a whole new level.

Now let me set aside the all of the safety concerns that this image stirs up in me. That is a whole rant in itself. (Stupid twit of a mom there). But how freaking lazy do you have to be to use a Segway Human Transporter to walk your child. Or even use one instead of just plain old fashioned walking? I find it so sad that some are this lazy. I mean come on now people walking won't kill you, but using something that has no brakes and whose movements are controlled by yours just might cause an accident or two. (Especially if you are preoccupied by something else, umm let's say the safety for your child?).

I really cannot see an way that a healthy, able bodied person would use this except for the laziness factor.

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Claire Joy said...

Especially since the company recalled 23 thousand of these things for a safety hazard: something about unexpected reverse torque to the wheels. Head and wrist injuries... maybe the baby stroller is just to counter-balance the transporter. Safer than carrying your kid piggy-back on one of these :)