Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For the couple that shares everything

I bring you the TwoDaloo. Billed as A Supertoilet That Saves Rocky Marriages and The Planet

The TwoDaLoo is billed as the world's first toilet two people can use ... at the exact same time. It brings couples closer together and conserves our water supply all with one flush. The TwoDaLoo features two side-by-side toilet seats with a modest privacy wall in between. An upgraded version includes a seven inch LCD television and iPod docking station.

A steal at $1,400 well for the basic model, (and that is of course if you buy the minimum of twelve). I wonder what the mark up on these things are and how much the upgraded version goes for? How soon until we start seeing these at the Home Depot? Never I hope.

Now I love my husband but I really don't want to be in the bathroom with him while he is taking a dump. Nor do I want him in there while I am. The only good thing that I can see about it is that my kids always seem to have to go at the exact same moment. That or when the family is sick with the stomach flu, we're not all fighting for a place to vomit in. (Trust me four people sick with the flu at the same time is not a pretty picture).

Now I don't know about you, but most men I know already spend a lot of time in the john. A lot of my friends and family members always seem to have this gripe about their husbands and sons. It makes me wonder what the next will step be? A mini fridge in the cabinet under the sink. That would be a man's paradise. We might not see them ever again, that is of course until we had to go.


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Mrs Mom said...

Oh. Hell. No!

Not in a million years!

< shudder >

They dont make enough air freshener for a potty like that!