Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why should Fido have all the fun?

Not everyone is a dog person, so why should Fido, Rex, Rover get all the fun and benefits of getting out of the house? Everyone enjoys a change of scenery, now Goldie can too.

Don't let your favorite fish get bored by keeping him in the tank all day long...take him with you in this handy traveling case.

No longer do you need to have a friend come over to feed him while you go on vacations just bring your little fish friend along.

Sick of seeing those celebs showing off their little dogs all the time? Well one up them by showing the world how much your little buddy means to you.

It is a great conservation piece and the kids will love it!

Just remember not to jostle the bag. They don't like it.


Lydia said...

I can just hear our goldfish saying, "No, no, no, no, DO NOT TAKE ME IN THE TRAVEL BAG." Or maybe that's just his usual mumblings as he wishes for death. Seriously, how could life as a goldfish be any worse?

Solomon Broad said...

I saw somewhere that a company was making a keychain that looked like an ipod, but it had a Japanese fighting fish in it. Bizarre.